VAT calculator - New rate 20%

VAT calculator

VAT calculator
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The current standard VAT rate in the UK is 20%.

To deal in successfully in the United Kingdom, you have to know everything about taxes and additional payments you are obliged to pay by law. VAT is the most important one. To plan your business activity or even your family budget, you have to take into an account the amount of a value added tax (VAT).
UK VAT calculator will help you to find out how much VAT would cost you or how much it would you have to pay. You have to be attentive and choose the correct way to calculate VAT amount: put a tick opposite the line “Inclusive of VAT?”, if the initial sum includes Value Added Tax (and you don’t put a tick there, if the input amount doesn’t include VAT tax). As a result the calculator will show you the VAT amount and the general amount.
As you see, using VAT calculator is very quick and easy. It is a great tool for those individuals, who like to be accurate and exact in their calculations, who like to know how they spend their money and who want to forecast their future budget, expenditures and profits.

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